You will find below the list of the Brown Bag seminars currently planned.

They typically take place in room 08 between 12:50 and 1:50. Papers will be linked too when available. Presentations are informal and may be of budding research. As such, titles may be preliminary.

Date Presenter Title
October 10, 2019 Nicolas Courty Transport Optimal et Adaptation de domaines
November 19, 2019 Amandine Dubois Adaptation over Besov spaces in density estimation under local differential privacy
December 17, 2019 Arthur Thomas TBA
January TBA, 2020 Edouard Genetay (to be confirmed) TBA
February, 13, 2020 Yang Lu TBA
March, 10, 2020 Zinsou-Max Debaly TBA
April 9, 2020 Gilles Stupfler TBA
May 19, 2020 Yutec Sun TBA
June 9, 2020 Vincenzo Caponi TBA